Review: “Finding Solace” by S.L. Scott

Book Title: Finding Solace

Author: S.L Scott

Rating: 5⭐

Release Date: July 10th, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: Delilah is the sweet country girl in Solace Point and Jason is her ex-boyfriend. They were everything to each other in high school and then when college rolled around, everything fell apart. Jason went off to study and play football, which then turned into him taking on an incredible dangerous job. Delilah stayed in their hometown and married a man who didn’t treat her right. And now, after all this time, Jason is back and all he wants is Delilah in his life again.


“We only get blue skies when we’re together.”

I’m a new S.L Scott reader, this is my second book by her, and I gotta say, I’m officially a fan. The way she writes her characters and the stories, the angst and love and passion she weaves into her storytelling, the worlds that she creates – it’s all my kind of magic. And “Finding Solace” was no different. It was such a beautiful book, filled with tragedy, secrets, passion, resentment, anger and most of all love.

This second chance romance follows Delilah and Jason as they uncover the secrets and lies that led to the end of their relationship. The secrets and lies that completely changed the course of their lives and how they overcome them step by step.

“Well, are you gonna give me a proper hello, Jason Koster, or are we going to pretend we never danced in the moonlight?”

I didn’t know just how wild and intense this story was going to get when Jason shows up at Delilah’s house that first time and their eyes meet. The way they love each other and the feelings that are still evident only made it more clear that whatever had happened in their past wasn’t over. After all, Delilah was lied to. Cole Cutler, a childhood friend of Jason’s, has always been in love with Delilah and with Jason heading off to college with a football scholarship, Cole took it upon himself to creep into Delilah’s life and fill her head with lies about the man she loves. And Delilah, being young and scared of the future with Jason gone away, believes Cole. She chooses Cole in that moment and leaves Jason heartbroken and running away to save himself further pain. And Delilah sees the errors of her way once she marries Cole and he starts to treat her badly and uses up all their money, leaving her and the family farm in shambles.

When Jason returns, he’s not the same high school boy that Delilah knew. He’s bigger, broader and badder. With his Harley Davidson and his leather jacket and the secrets of his life lingering behind his eyes. He’s a tough bad boy, but around Delilah, Jason is different. And even though he doesn’t have the same look and the town is gossiping about Jason being back, he’s putting everything on the line to show Delilah that he wants her. That he’s always wanted her.

“Strength is found in the ashes of the fire. You’ve been burned, but you must rise because there’s so much life ahead of you to live. Wouldn’t it be nice to share that life with someone who cares for you so deeply?”

Individually, these characters are magical. Delilah might be a woman who has been used and abused, but she’s got that fighting spirit and that’s what is keeping her going. She won’t stop fighting for what she wants. Jason is haunted by his past and the job that he’s found himself slowly sinking into and taking with him everywhere, but his love for Delilah really does make him a bit of a softie.

This book is so beautiful, guys. The storytelling and the characters are magnificent and so much so that I am in awe of this book. I almost didn’t want it to end and when it was over, I wanted to start it up again. Yes, the love and the romance and the scenes between Delilah and Jason are so hot, it set my Kindle on fire, but it was about so much more. The book was about giving your heart another chance to just feel that love, that familiar feeling that once made you happy. As Jason said when Delilah asked him what he was feeling:

“Everything. All at once. As if the world had dulled before you were back in my arms.”

Thanks to S.L Scott and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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