Review: “Cheesy On The Eyes” by Teagan Hunter

Book Title: Cheesy On The Eyes

Author: Teagan Hunter

Series: Slice, Book 5

Rating: 5⭐

Goodreads | Amazon (Available on KU)

Release Date: June 5th, 2020

Blurb: Dating is hard. Dating in a small town? Impossible.

Leave it to my little brother to come back home announcing he knocked up his fiancée and the wedding has been moved…to next month.

When he tries to set me up with one of his football buddies, I tell him I’ll be bringing my own plus-one.

Only problem? I’m hopelessly single.

Enter Sullivan Scott, AKA my hero.

We strike a deal: he’ll pretend to be my boyfriend, and I’ll use my mechanic skills to help him fix his boat. That’s it. No funny business, and definitely no feelings involved.

Sully’s quiet and reserved, and I’ve been told I’m too much to handle on a good day. We’re opposites, and neither of us is looking for anything serious.

I’m certain we can keep this strictly platonic…


If you’ve read all of the other books in the “Slice” series, then you’ve met Sully. And like everyone else on the planet who has met Sully, you’ve fallen hopelessly in love with him. And how could you not? He’s a good guy, with a solid surfer’s body and a big heart. This book? The perfect way to give you all of Sully and then some.

The fifth book in the Slice series, is by far my favourite of them all. Almost as if Hunter kept this for the end, knowing just how much everyone would love Thea and Sully.

”Funny, because she’s exactly like the ocean: a little rough at times and a whole lot unpredictable. She’s loud yet calming. Lively, but I know there are dark edges to her.”

Sullivan Scott, Cheesy on The Eyes

Thea Schwartz (yup, sister of Jonas from Slice of Love) is an absolute riot. I love Wren and Drew and Frankie, but omg, Thea is a whole character unto herself. She’s hilarious and she’s wild and sexy and everything in between, but she’s also just incredibly beautiful inside and out.

Sullivan Scott, better known as Sully, is everything you’ve dreamed him to be. We’ve gotten glimpses of his personality through the other books, but nothing will compare to the way Thea sees him. He’s generous and funny and kind and insanely hot and just the perfect guy. And for once, you don’t care that the perfect guy exists. You just want to be in his orbit.

The story starts with Thea using Sully as her fake boyfriend to fend off her asshole ex. And Sully being the man that he is, steps up to the plate. But things take a turn, as they would, in the most delicious of manners. Thea and Sully together are a riot. She’s wild and he’s calm and together, they just make it work. Sully is drawn to Thea like a magnet and rightfully so. The ups and downs of their relationship are quite entertaining to read and experience.

I love that the book focuses on their friendship, and their relationship and the whole heap of supporting characters. The angst is there, there’s conflict that can tear them apart, but it’s not completely out of this world. It’s just the right amount.

Do yourself a favour and read all the books in this series, because I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Teagan Hunter & Wildfire Marketing Solutions for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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