Review: “Power Switch” by Kennedy L. Mitchell

Book Title: Power Switch

Author: Kennedy L. Mitchell

Series: Power Play, Book 3

Rating: 5⭐️

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Blurb: Lies. Deceit. Espionage. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg here in DC.

My boyfriend is fake engaged, I’m pretty sure someone out there is trying to kill me, and now a sexy-as-sin attorney from the Justice Department is investigating me and I have zero clue as to why. Torn between duty and love, I’m not just floundering in my role as VP, I’m drowning.

When the pieces of the president’s plan come to light, I know I have to stop him. Permanently this time. How I’ll get out of this alive, I have no idea, but at least I still have my favorite secret service agent, Trey Benson, by my side—for now.

I’ll do whatever it takes to remove Kyle from office, even if it means sacrificing everything I love. Again.

Review: I love being introduced to new books, authors and genres. But being introduced to Kennedy L. Mitchell is now officially my favourite thing in the world.

Power Switch is the third in a five book series, so you have to read all the books in order. And every book, the stakes are higher, the tension and the romance is higher. But I’m not joking when I say that these books are my new obsession. Kennedy L. Mitchell has crafted and woven a story so spectacular that it blows my mind with every page I turn.

With Randi in the VP position and Trey faking his engagement and relationship to Jessica, things are bound to get messy. The book starts with Jessica’s POV, which is a new one, since you definitely want her to get into your head. As the book progresses, the steam rises. And it gets really steamy in places. Lots of people have talked about how this book takes that steam factor up a notch, and oooh boy, they’re not joking.

Randi and Trey cannot be separated and whoever thinks that they’re going to stay away from each other is in for a treat. Even Tank can’t seem to pull them apart. But that’s the thing, their relationship isn’t just about sex. I love it when characters grow and mature through a series and it’s been a long time since I’ve read books that follow an order where the same characters are with you from start to finish.

You’d think that Shawn and Kyle would have given up their desire to ruin Randi, but they’ve actually just upped the ante. More Shawn than Kyle and the shit they put Randi through will blow your mind. And then we have the introduction of a new man who could take away all of Randi’s attention, but instead becomes a useful part of her big plan to destroy those who are destroying her.

Every single character in this series has your attention, but this book really makes you sit up and take notice of every one of them. From Trey’s family to Randi’s family to Tank and the boys, Shawn and Kyle and even Jessica. You’d expect a book with so many connections and complications to be too much, but the truth is, it’s anything but. It’s the perfect blend of smart dialogue, witty writing, passionate heat, and love.

God, the love! I am beyond terrified of what the next two books will bring, but guys, Randi Sawyer is a queen and nobody should forget that.

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